What would a FSUK Dad want for Father’s Day?

13th June 2017by FSUK hub

So it’s Father’s Day on Sunday, just in case you’ve missed it. And with Dad’s being notoriously difficult to buy for, we asked a few of our Fitness Squad Dad’s what they would really like for Father’s Day.

What they would like and the reality of what they receive are two very different things. Obviously, they love the paintings, hand print mugs and homemade bowl (I think it’s a bowl) and you’ve already got them a Fitness Squad UK hoodie and a place at Mission24.


Top 5 gifts for Dads this Father’s Day;

Weber Style Grill Pan

Dad’s love to be the king of the BBQ and this great grill pan means you can BBQ your meat and veg.

Made of stainless steel and perfect for baked potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

From Amazon – £22.99

Beer Hawk Beer Box

I know we said no beer but come on it’s what Dad’s love.

The super cool Beer Hawk have a big range of beer box’s from around the world.

What better present than one you can share with him (if you’re over 18 obviously)

From Beer Hawk – £20.00

Trigger Point foam roller

Using a foam roller is known to alleviate post workout aches and pains. How it works? It helps to breakdown the lactic acid build-up in your muscles and also helps to improve posture, mobility and recovery after workouts.

From Wiggle – £27.99 CLICK HERE


Mission Enduracool™ Tech Knit Cooling Towel

This very ‘cool’ towel, will stay cool when the temperature is hot, cool yourself off after a gruelling FSUK session or a Summer challenge or race. This cooling towel is made of proprietary TechKnit performance fabric designed to absorb moisture and perspiration and you keep you cool.

From ProSwim – £11.99


X-Socks Run Performance Socks

If you are going to get your Dad socks, it least get him useful ones!

These socks are lightweight, comfortable, cushioned and well vented all very necessary while Dad continues to train over the Summer.

From Wiggle – £13.99

Just don’t get him a tie!

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