Personal Training and Small Group Training

Private, dedicated and personable training is available with one of our level 3 qualified Instructors, the benefits of this is the focus is on your goals and not the whole group. The PT session will be varied but goal focused on what you want to achieve. This is at your convenience and can take place at your house, at a park or any location beneficial for you. Our Instructor will help you breakdown barriers, form new habitats and keep you focused. We use a variety of equipment ranging from barbells, kettle bells, battle ropes and much more.

Prices start from:

1.2.1 sessions £40 pay as you go or block of 10 sessions for £360

2 people £50 pay as you go or block of 10 sessions for £450

Small group 3-5 people £60 pay as you go or a block of 10 sessions for £540


“if you have an upcoming wedding or big event, this is the best way to get your body ready and feeling great”

Michael Cox